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DEVILS IN THE DETAIL / Гид по современным узорам и аппликации

As evocative patterns continue to adorn our surroundings and captivate our minds, the surging interest in pattern design how they are inspired, produced and desired to function is the product of a highly-evolved process.Devils in the Details A Style Guide to Patterns and Applications celebrates and explores the revival of this art form with patterns that go beyond their decorative function as they exceed our expectations with playful formations of though-provoking depths and the creative ways they are applied.With over 250 full-page close-ups of patterns and photographs of their applications in all their exhilarating details, this book presents the most progressive currents in pattern design by the most sought-after designers and artists such as Catherine Hammerton, Don Funderburgh, IVANAhelsinki, Julia Rothman and Maria Yaschuk. In addition to organizing it according to colourways to help examine colour relations in the context of pattern design, this book presents designers thoughts on the stories, materials and processes behind their work, bringing greater attention and appreciation to the striking devils in the intricate detail of their innovative patterns. From the traditional with a contemporary twist, to the wholly experimental and abstract, this anthology of works is set to inspire your imaginations into unfamiliar territories of pattern and surface design that stimulate our visual, mental and emotional scape.

Page One | ISBN: 978-981-245-599-4 | обложка
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